Thursday, April 9, 2009


Good intentions sometimes falter in several different ways. Like Joan of Arc hearing the voice of God and tries to do something good for the people and ends up burned at the stake. Alright, not a very good analogy since that’s a bit bigger than me. My thoughts were why I actually started this blog in the first place. So let’s go back in time. Alright my two time travelers or wait three…I remember someone telling me they read my blog which means I should have three weary eyed readers. Correct me if there’s more.

I started this blog for several reasons, one was because I was traveling a lot and I was sick of looking like that weird guy eating alone. So thinking if I had a computer in front would make me look artistic and mysterious. The second was to have something for my family and friends to read, to be all humorous and enlightening while doing social commentary like Alex from A Clockwork Orange would. And third was to be more consistent with writing. When the traveling stopped I stopped writing. Not with my blog but with everything. Six months later I met Ashley and my focus was on her, although she has been encouraging me to write since I first complained about not writing probably on our second date. So I go on making excuses and then behold I’m 33 years old. Four months goes by and I’m like hmm…maybe I should sweep the cyber dust off my blog and try again. As I get away from the subject matter, the point is this is healthy for me and the response I receive from all of my three readers is like warm fuzzies. (Did you know Fuzzies is not a word? huh.)

A couple weeks ago I read a screenplay from a student of mine and when I was giving him the notes his passion and love for what he was trying to accomplish was inspiring. It reminded me of who I tried to set out to be. Then my girlfriend sent me something to read yesterday and I was floored. Every other day my co-workers and I talk of writing a short script and shooting the movie, so my inspired readers the planets have aligned and I have written a blog twice in one week. I can write a simple story, can’t I? I mean, that is the whole reason why I moved back to Florida. In fact Jonas told me not to do what I have been doing all along by not being productive right before I drove away from Los Angeles. Here I am. I’m going to gather my imagination, sum up the “word Gods” and avoid the wall called writer’s block.

I have friends who make homemade wine and build drums. I have friends who video office antics and create webisodes for our amusement. I have friends who create music from hard rock to classical. I have friends who create characters on stage and screen. I have friends who train wild animals. I have friends who raise small children. I work with aspiring filmmakers who share the same dreams I have.

It’s time to believe that I am your friend who writes stories.
(and social commentary on blogspot.)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down plays on the radio. It’s the only time Orlando radio is worth listening too. Of course in all the cities that I lived in the #1 complaint were local radio was ridiculous. Which is why the 8 track was invented, I suppose. So while listening to the radio show and Ashley sitting on the porch reading the last chapter of Breaking Dawn, I cleaned the computer room where I decided to drop a line on this once informative blog.

I feel I have failed you my two readers. I left you with an empty promise that I would give a plethora of information about life, but seriously who wants to read that? All I can say is that in the last year life has been good to me. I met a wonderful woman who I now share an apartment with over looking a pond and pool. Ashley and I have been together for 10 months now and I have seen her everyday since the day we met. Aside from living in sin we have created peaceful and wonderful life. I have an adopted dog named Casey who is a princess. So here I am, a wonderful woman, a happy dog and listening to a classic radio show.

Florida is starting to get hot. That was my random thought for the day.

In a month we’ll be driving up to Atlanta to watch back to back baseball and then in June we’ll be up in the mountains camping in North Carolina. In July we’ll be lounging on the beach for a week. Before I know it, the summer will be over and the holidays will begin. But before I get ahead of myself, I’m just going to enjoy today and perhaps get an ice cream.

Today there is a beauty, find it and keep it in your memories.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Age of the Double 3

Time is nothing but blurred memories that is the imprint that builds who I am. Now see my fantastic readers those words are either sheer brilliance on my part or me just trying to be smarter than I really am. Regardless, it came out of me and I’m going to stand by it.

If it was a year ago and I posted a blog the next day it would be January 9th 2008. Well I waited a year to post the next blog. For the readers that have been with me from the start you were reading that I was in need of a change. That I was awaiting the future that would define me, a spark, buying time until that moment, well, I will let you be the judge. I have also changed the title to this blog since as you may all know or will find out shortly that I do not travel as much nor does my job make me get on airplanes to far off reaches of the United States which kept my original blogs interesting and now I’m worried my daily life may not be so much but with my wisdom and charm will try. So now I’m another year older and times have definetly changed except that fact that I still can’t spell definitely so actually some things will always be the same my dear readers. But isn’t that the true base in all of us? Our bodies may change, our ideas, our passions, all of those things may change. But our central core, our being, the little things like my poor spelling and grammar, those things will never change. You get to a point in your life be it in your twenties, thirties, forties, or even in your seventies were you wake up one morning and say to yourself I am happy for who I am and I’m blessed for what I have. You may want to change things or you may be insecure about certain aspects of yourself or life but you wake up one day and say I am happy with being me. I don’t think I was entirely happy with who I was in the past or some decisions I made or even didn’t make that I should have made but that’s been my journey and my discovery. At 4:05pm today I will have lived a full 33 years and 1 day and I can say I like who I am and I am truly blessed.

Now my impatient readers I know you may be thinking where is the drama in this blog if you’re happy with yourself? How is this blog going to be interesting? What the heck happened to you this last year? You will soon find out (because I’m only allotted a small amount of time at work to write these blogs). Trust.

It’s the Age of the Double 3.

For all my past readers thank you for coming back. As for my new readers welcome and for my carpal tunnel it’s good to feel your pain again.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have enjoyed it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007



Before I left Los Angeles the forever-wise collective circle of Darrin Slowstock, Monkey Boy and Jonas Sansone sat me down and said, “Pete, when you move to Florida make something happen. We know you, don’t revert back move forward. Do something good.”

I know some of you think I am hard on myself, but you know what? I am. I am simply because I know the potential of what more I can do. Unless you have lived with me then you know that I spend more time dwelling on my life than I do actually making my life better. When I fall into something that’s not what I should be doing I Buy Time. Now after the last year I know I have been buying time and now that I’m “broke” its time to invest once again.

Now my much loved and invested readers, you believe my writings are quite good which makes me blush like warm fuzzies invading my body. Although, I know I am not a great screenwriter or writer per say. I know you’re thinking that I am being hard on myself by saying that but please take my word for it. I read scripts, I know this industry inside and out, and I pushed my scripts onto people in the industry and know what a “talented” writer is and what the industry is looking for. That’s not to say I’m going to stop, because I also know that creating stories and making them is one way to get into the business.

The point is I really need to stop buying time and start investing time. I have to be much harder on myself to a point where I am actually getting work done. I have to push to make my stuff happen as well as perhaps searching out for new hungry people to help make my stuff happen. I have to push away my drama, other people’s drama and stop focusing on the things that keep me going around in that same circle. I guess and I have to admit this, I need to be more self indulgent, judgmental and pretentious. Does that mean I need more confidence? Yes. I am very good at what I do I just need to have all the resources to make things happen.

My networking has its moments of brilliance, but my confidence gets the best of me. My emptiness has always betrayed me. I have spent my entire life thinking nothing of motion pictures and I have to do this.

I spent the weekend in Jacksonville trying to escape the mess in Orlando. Seriously, my life in Orlando right now is in shambles. I went to see a friend where I thought she and I would have some alone time, but to my bittersweet dismay, her boyfriend was there. Don’t get me wrong the guy is awesome. It was nice to talk intelligently with someone who knows movies. Yet, once again I felt like a third wheel. Every one of my friends are all involved with someone. It’s like I have to hire an escort just to hang out with them. I’m really happy for them but sometimes it just reminds me that I don’t have that partner, that loving embrace in my life. I really need to push that feeling out and except that I don’t have it and move on.

So now what? Well I have to stop going where the day takes me and start living like tomorrow is my last. Right now, I don’t’ know what’s going to happen. I’m just in a Applebee’s in Jacksonville, Florida having mini burgers and waiting to get tired enough to fall sleep and start my day of inspiring young minds.

And that my friendly readers is that.

Movie Review:

“No Country for Old Men”
Welcome to the first official entry for Best Picture. If you won’t take my word for it, the National Board of Review named it Best Picture today. I have to say this is an instant classic. The Cohen Brothers who made movies like Raising Arizona and Fargo have made a movie as superior as Fargo was. This movie is dry, violent and dark. Actually it’s the darkest Cohen Brother’s movie I have seen of their 12 films. Don’t think you’ll be walking out of the theater feeling gitty. At least at the end of Fargo you could breath. In this movie you end up holding your breath the entire film and you won’t be able to breathe until you are safely home.

Now some people from reading blogs on this movie hate the ending. Now I’m not going to give anything away other than that these people are idiots. Now I respect people’s opinions especially with movies, but it infuriates me when you watch some of the best story telling played out in a movie theater all year and these uneducated people are dumbfounded. What they don’t know is that the book written by Cormac McCarthy ends the exact same way. Pick up a book people!!!! I’m sorry; I’m tired of ignorant uneducated people who write stupid blogs like they know what they are talking about. Kinda like this…but I know what I’m talking about …haha.

Look for the always-great Javier Bardem as Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay from the Cohen Brothers. Javier Bardem gives creepiest villain I have seen since Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. The biggest surprise was Josh Brolin. I have to say he is awesome in this film and you know he hasn’t been getting to much press for it so I really hope he doesn’t get overlooked during awards time. Go see it, but don’t knock the ending.

National Board of Review Awards
0. Best Film:
0. No Country for Old Men
0. Best Foreign Language film:
0. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (film), France
0. Best Actor:
0. George Clooney - Michael Clayton
0. Best Actress:
00. Julie Christie - Away from Her
0. Best Supporting Actor:
00. Casey Affleck - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
0. Best Supporting Actress:
. Amy Ryan - Gone Baby Gone
0. Best Acting by an Ensemble:
0. No Country for Old Men
0. Breakthrough Male Performances:
0. Emile Hirsch - Into the Wild
0. Breakthrough Female Performances:
0. Ellen Page - Juno
0. Best Director:
0. Tim Burton - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
0. Best Directorial Debut:
0. Ben Affleck - Gone Baby Gone
0. Best Animated Feature:
0. Ratatouille
0. Best Documentary Feature:
0. Body of War
0. Best Screenplay - Adapted:
0. No Country for Old Men - Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
0. Best Screenplay - Original (tie):
0. Juno - Diablo Cody
0. Lars and the Real Girl - Nancy Oliver
0. Freedom of Expression Award (tie):
0. The Great Debaters
0. Persepolis
0. Career Achievement Award:
0. Michael Douglas
0. William K. Everson Award for Film History:
0. Robert Osborne
0. Career Award for Cinematography
0. Roger Deakins

***** and yes, my favorite movie of the year “ONCE” made it into the top of their lists this year. There is justice.

Top Movies of the Year according to the National Board of Review
No Country for Old Men,*
Michael Clayton,
American Gangster,
Sweeney Todd,
Into the Wild,
The Kite Runner,
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,
3:10 to Yuma,
There Will Be Blood,
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead,
Gone Baby Gone,

Thursday, November 29, 2007

An Overview and the Need of a Spark

I have so much to say I don’t even know where to start. My last blog about Halloween has long gone and another holiday has past. I left you hanging right before I left for Chicago. I spent the weekend in Chicago visiting with old friends and watching my friend Derek’s music composition performed by the Chicago Symphony. I really can’t explain how amazing that was. I get so much joy out of watching my friends do well. I’m like a giddy school kid or a proud father. That will be a weekend I’ll always remember.

A few days later I went to Baltimore/D.C. for work, which I should have written about that week. Now, those feelings have now passed. I had hit a boiling point where I just wanted to quit my job and give up. I landed in D.C. drove to Baltimore and entered the city at the start of a Baltimore Ravens Football game, which turned, into chaos trying to find my hotel. The first few days I was sick, as I had to do college fairs, presentations and drive hours each day to different locations. Yet the trip ended on a good note. I met up with my old friend Elise where we had dinner and showed her a movie I made that she was in several years earlier. We had lunch the next day and I was able to see a protest in our nations capital. It turned out to be the JUNO 6 protest. One afternoon in a two-hour block of time I took the train down to the capital and walked around seeing all the monuments and buildings our nation’s capital has. I can now finally say I’m a true American. This was my first time in D.C.

When I arrived home I found out I have a bug infestation in my apartment, but we’re not going to talk about that since even thinking about it infuriates me so let’s move on…

Thanksgiving was nice. I spent it at a friend’s house. The food was awesome as most Thanksgiving dinners are. The company was wonderful and yet I did feel quite lonely at the end of the day when I was sitting at home. Although, one good thing has happened. When I arrived home from D.C. I turned on the TV and saw cable. So now I have cable in my apartment mysteriously. That was exciting. Of course I’m finding myself addicted to the History Channel.

In my spare time I have working on my writing my play. It’s moving very slow and it’s sometimes frustrating. I should be moving forward faster on this but I have to take my time and not let it get to me. Although I am enjoying this experience. I’ve also started reconnecting with some friends again. Since most of my travels are in state for the next month its nice to see my pals again. I hope to shoot some short goofy films real soon.

Yesterday I found out I’m going back to L.A. for a week in January for work right after my birthday. I’m excited to see everyone again. I hope I have some time to spend quality time with all my La La Land friends.

So that’s been my month. I honestly have been on this emotional rollercoaster. Everything seems to be so bland. Maybe it’s that I’m finally home and I’m so used to be on the road that now that I’m home I don’t know what to do. Yet, I see things brightening in the future and I really need to figure out what I’m suppose to do when my lease is up in March. The bottom line is I need a spark. Something to lift me from this mundane, I am optimistic. I’ll try to blog in more often but my main focus in writing this play and figuring out my next steps. So I’ll keep you all posted.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Water was boiling in a small pot on my stove. I rip open the Mac and cheese box and was about to pour in the plastic like pasta. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, echoes through my apartment. It is Halloween night and never in my existence at any apartment that I lived in has there ever been a knock on my door on Halloween. Never in my years living in Tampa or Los Angeles has any child come to my door looking for a treat, so why now?

I quickly freeze holding the box of Mac over the boiling pot. Ill prepared, I had not purchased any candy on the slight chance that I would be away from my apartment this night. Like and air force stealth bomber I inch up to my door and look through the peephole. Sure enough, tiny children all dressed in the Halloween costumes of monsters and princesses await my dungeon door to open preparing to dive into my bowl of treats and scramble off to the next giver of sweets. Like the Terminator robot I scan my apartment actually thinking that I may have something for them. My brain goes into overdrive thinking what I may give them. I remembered some people handed out pennies and I’m sure there’s been an influx because of the living wage has increased dramatically since my childhood ghoulish days, I perhaps could give them quarters. A quarter is almost the equivalent of any of those candied treats, right? Then I thought, no! I hated when I received that penny instead of a peanut butter cup or snickers. A penny? Man, come on?! If only my Mac and cheese was done I quickly thought then laughed off just as fast.

Time was running out. What are the kids thinking? Are the going to pull one of those mythical tricks on me? You know that urban legend where kids in their costumes gang up on their closed-door neighbors and pull that disgusting trick like egg my door or car, T.P. my apartment or set a bag of poor on fire in front of my door waiting for me to step on the stinky blaze and find my foot covered in feces. Or would they just drop their heads in disappointment, perhaps a single tear drop will fall from their eye after spending all month deciding on their costume and all day of anticipation for this one moment to show off their frightful look and receive candy, glorious candy!

I look back through the peephole and there was nothing. The children moved on. They didn’t have time for my indecision my searching they just moved on to the next-door waiting to say those three magic words that will grant them their chocolate and tart dreams.

Now after writing that memoir I have to admit that is a great metaphor to my life. My constant indecisions have held me back. My lack of planning, my whistles life that I lead where I don’t even stop to get one simple bag of candy. I look at it as the children were my goals knocking at my door and there I am not prepared to open my door to them. You know how they say you have to look at doors and sometimes they are locked and some open up to you. Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe it’s the goals that knock on your door and you just have to be ready to open your own door. I’ll tell you this though; I will never not have a bag of candy waiting for the children on Halloween ever again. And that my dear readers is the first step.

Florida Travels:

I have been traveling to the east coast of Florida all week doing presentations. I wake up at 5am and drive an hour do six presentations and drive home. Some have been good some bad but I do have to admit it is quite the same if I was on the road. Granted I was able to see my friends and catch up. It’s sometimes hard though. When you’re on the road month’s fly by. When you come home life has kept on going and you realize you’ve missed so much. I have friends that have announced they are expecting babies. I have missed road trips and events. I tell them about my travels and it’s like an inside joke where you had to be there. Yet no matter what it’s nice to see familiar faces wherever I go and know you have someone to talk to that knows you face to face. Only a hand full of precious moments that happened on my trips. By the way, I have made nothing but home cooked meals since I’ve been back. My friend Emo and I enjoyed a pot roast that I had cooked all day in my crock-pot. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal after weeks of micky D’s and Applebee’s. Even though my apartment may be just as big as most of the hotels I stay in it is nice to be in my own bed.

Now tomorrow I’ll be heading to the city I hold dear to my heart for one of the most exciting moments of my dear friend’s life…